He was in my kennel for stud, the great
Opal von der Röderburg
5x BSP

His qualities:
Healthy, strong and muscular body construction with a very impressive head. Super food and prey drive.
Takes hard corrections. Always a hard and full grip with good stable aggression. Sure and hard in all situations. Superb dog in tracking (genetic) with top scores (10x100 pt). He shows his quality especially in very difficult (hot and dry) circumstances!
Also FH 1 and 2 with 100 points!!

SV Judge Dirk Stocks who brought him to the top, told me
he never had such a good dog.
(See also Used stud dogs for more information)

Copy of max_head_orig
My honest opinion
after seeing a lot of his offspring is:
MAX is a great producer!!!

Complete in the line of his parents the famous Nick and grandfather Yoschy.
The offspring has a lot of his incredible drives, hardness and social aggression!!!

I'm sure with good bitches he will continue this super line
and bring our REAL working dogs on a much higher level!!!

For the future it is absolutely necessary to keep up this type of dogs within the working lines.

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